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Mouth Guard

Custom-fitted mouth guards are moulded from rubber to fit precisely over your teeth and gums. It helps to cushion your mouth, protecting both your teeth and brain form impact damage. Wearing a mouth guard is very important when participating in activities involving physical contact or the risk of being hit by fast moving objects. In fact, it is often required in sports such as boxing, rugby, hockey and cricket.


Professionally made mouth guards ensure a good fit and offer better protection than over-the-counter mouth guards.

Benefits of a professional mouth guard

1. Optimal tooth-edge protection:
Mouth guards are made to be thicker around the vulnerable biting edges of the top teeth, thus providing additional protection from a sudden impact.


2. Adjustable:

Your mouth guard can be remoulded by your dentist to accommodate changing teeth and orthodontic treatment, as well as new teeth. So there is no need to buy a new mouth guard for every slight change.

3. Prevents concussion to the brain:
The Mouth guard made with an indented biting surface that accommodates the tips of the bottom teeth. In the event of an impact to the lower jaw, it is safely immobilized an reverberation of the brain is prevented.


The above safety aspects are often omitted in inferior mouthguards. At 65 Woodbourne Dental, all our mouthguards are supplied with a protective carrying case, for your convenience.

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