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65 Woodbourne Dental Surgery

The NHS covers clinically necessary dental treatments, including dental exams and urgent treatments. Healthy teeth and gums, as well as excellent oral hygiene, are crucial for everyone, and we think that everyone should have affordable access to basic NHS dental treatments. Click here for more information on NHS treatments, and remember to consult with your dentist.

However, it is critical to recognize the distinctions between NHS and privately provided treatments. Our private dental services, for example, provide a broader selection of procedures and materials than our NHS dental services.

Please confirm whether you are being treated privately or as an NHS patient before beginning a course of treatment, since this may affect the amount you pay and the level of service you are entitled to. We at 65 Woodbourne Dental are here to assist you with any questions regarding NHS treatment options. Alternatively, we can construct a bespoke private treatment plan for you.

The NHS does not cover cosmetic treatments, such as white fillings and crowns, tooth cleaning and polishing for non-health reasons, veneers, implants, and teeth whitening. These private treatments can be done at 65 Woodbourne at an additional cost. Your dentist can discuss these with you if you wish. 


NHS Contract Holder: H van Rooyen

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